Ghost Shooter Survival Feedback

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In this game, you’re stranded in the wreckage of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the radiation having turned people into little more than ghosts of their former selves. These ‘ghosts’ are little more than primal beasts whose instinct leads them to try to kill you! How long can you survive?


As you play this game, I would like you to focus on these two question’s: A. does the game make you want to keep coming back, again and again, to try and get better? B. can you see any places where the play seems to stutter and feel weird instead of flowing smoothly or things that seem to make the game a little too difficult?

Peer Feedback

Jessica An: level system, armor, the atomic bullet has a nice resource management (when do I wanna pick this up), it reminds me of old ‘shoot them up’ games like half life, and the atomic bullet genuinely reminds me of the SMGI’d actually play this

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